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Post  batosta123 on Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:21 pm

You must make a poll!
Question : Do you want me to be a moderator?
Answer 1: Yes
Answer 2: No

I, Batosta123 agree to all terms and conditions.

I would like to become a moderator because: Well, I already asked Yoko Nono and he said that if I got 7 people fixed to this server, that I could be a Moderator. So far, I according to what people on other servers say, I have had 2 from, 1 from, 2 from, and 2 of my friends (irl), so im just officially applying on forums.
Have I had expeirience before?: Yes, I was a Moderator and an Administator on, before it went under major construction and pretty much crashed Sad , I am currently (under a differnt username) Co-Owner on, and am still a Moderator for
Why to make me a moderator?:
A) I have major experience as a Moderator (and Administrator), im only applying for Mod because Admin Spots aren't open.
B)I'm firm but fair; If you start cursing at me because I killed you, I'll warn, kick, then if the problem still persists I'll ask an Admin to ban. I do not like asking Admins to ban as it's not nice, and lets face it takes up too much time from playing this awesome server.

Thanks in advance


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